I guess id been just been pushing it down, trying to bury it, not acknowledge what I knew. As I worked NLP based academic interventions with a student yesterday, she said one thing that triggered it all. She finally understood material, and wondered why it had eluded her for so long. Why? Because the education system is BROKEN. All the platitudes notwithstanding, there is no desire in the system for thought or real learning. It is just to build compliance, to aim at mediocrity. Students are systematically victimized, partially by the overuse of labels in the guise of help, and in a constantly shifting landscape of theory, not to mention the abuse of such a ridiculous amount of testing. Teachers are also victimized, by the lack of real tools, unrealistic expectations and deadlines, and the growing awareness that the true reason they got into the profession will never be realized in such a broken system. Great visionaries such as Sid Jacobson , Don Blackerby, Robert Dilts and others have been largely ignored, shamefully, because their insights could have transformed it all. But no, the talking heads insist to go forward with no real change or innovation, and the US continues to lag behind in relation to other countries in education. "Let's give them laptops! Technology is the answer!" Ask any student, and almost all will tell you how much they hate reading textbooks on computer, and taking tests on computer. Id wager that if I go to a classroom in India, China or even the UK, I wont see students tied to laptops. The research shows why this is a mistake, but facts be damned, I never fully did before I guess, but now have taken the Matrix red pill regarding education in this country. There is no vision save one, to build mediocrity. SO all the anxiety and stress and other related issues this broken system develops in our young adults, I will work tirelessly to eradicate. I will continue to study and perfect ways to transmit the HOW of learning to as many as I can, teens, college students, even adults. There are answers to this, and I know one, and I will do what I can, in the system and in private practice, to share it, aiming for the greatest #mindoptimization of all.

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